Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches on the exterior of your home bring your personal sense of style to life. The accessories that you choose will stay with you for a long time, so you want to make sure you do it right.

Dentil Trim

Dentil trim is a simple way to give a home distinctive architectural character.

Door Surrounds

Frame any entrance with a classic accent, adding a look of distinction.

Window & Door Headers

Vinyl Headers are an easy way to add architectural flair to your home.

Vinyl & Aluminum Shutters

Add curb appeal and warmth to your home in an instant with shutters.

Gable Vents

Performance, style, versatility and protection. Kaycan Gable Vents have more Net Free Ventilation Area for optimal venting than industry standards. They provide added architectural detail with their woodgrain finish and sharp distinctive features. The gable vents can be installed on all types of siding. Double baffle design provides added protection against wind-driven rain and snow. Easy-to-use in a decorative application if a functioning vent is not required.

Mount Blocks & Utility Vents

The industry standard for mounting all exterior fixtures on any surface. Distinctive style and matching colors paired with durability and easy installation make these the mounting blocks of choice. These products conceal the cut edges of siding for a finished, professional look, while eliminating moisture and air infiltration. They are available in all Kaycan siding colors.

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is very important to consider when doing a roof replacement. It will save you money and keep you comfortable all year round. Ridgemaster®, Ridgemaster Plus® and Hipmaster®’s patented baffle system works efficiently regardless of wind direction or speed and excels in keeping out weather and insects. Its patented structural ribs make it virtually crush proof. Nailing supports and structural ribs are designed to ensure a smooth straight roofline. Durable copolymer material withstands dents from branches or hammer blows and resists cracking regardless of temperature. Comes with a 40 year limited warranty.

Insulation, Sealants and Fasteners

With insulation, sealants and nails available from the same supplier as your siding, rainware, trim and architectural accessories, Kaycan is a one-stop shop when it comes to finishing a house’s exterior.

Kaycan’s StyroFold 5 Plus and HouseWrap insulation products provide a sound nailing base for your siding and help straighten walls on renovation projects. They help prevent air infiltration, keep wall cavities dry and your home comfortable year round.